What is the building capacity?

200 at seated at tables, more if ceremony only!

Will there be any other weddings, events, or showings the day of my wedding

NO. We want to make your day special – only one event a day at the Market!

Is there Heat / AC?

Yes, of course!

Who is responsible for clean up after my wedding?
We do most of it but, your party is responsible for taking down & loading your decor and getting trash in the trash cans and taking them to the dumpster and folding up the chairs. We will do the all the sweeping and mopping and other cleaning. If you rent our table linens, please leave on the tables.

Are there places for my out of town guests to stay?

Yes! There is one NEW airbnb within walking distance!! You can find info about it here: https://www.facebook.com/dcjailhotel

We have 2 hotel/motels (within 2 miles), B&B within 9 miles, as well has a campground with cabins (within 15 miles). The campground may also provide a shuttle service (with a fee) from Market 116 back to the cabins.

Can we bring any vendors we would like for food, DJ, photos?

Yes – we don’t do any charges or surcharges for you to choose who you would like. We can send you a list though of vendors we have worked with in the past and would be happy to give a recommendation on.

Is there parking lot?

No, we are off-street parking and around the square. Most business are closed on the square for weekend late afternoon & evenings (which is when most weddings are, so usually plenty of parking). Market 116 is handicapped accessible.

How far from gas stations / grocery stores / motels are you?

Just minutes! There is a coffee shop on the west side of the square too!

Do I need to bring hand soap, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper?

Nope – we have all that out and ready for you, as well as extras in the kitchen.

Does your kitchen have a stove and fridge?

Our kitchen does have a fridge and you are welcome to use it – but we do not have a stove (it would be too hard anyways to cook for that large number of people all the day of there anyway and most caterers bring their own warming pans). We do have a microwave.

Can we move the tables and chairs around?
Of course! use and move any way you’d like!

How many tables and chairs do you have?

4 – 60” Round Tables (8 people per table)

1–10’ Wooden Rectangle Tables

27 – 6′ Rectangle Tables

200 White Chairs

Does the cost include rehearsal time?

Yes. We schedule rehearsals 90 days before the weddings if you plan to have one. Just email or call to make your reservation. We sometimes have multiple weddings in one weekend, so rehearsals will be worked in around the weddings. (Usually taking place on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, but sometimes are available the evening before.) Just a reminder, you’re welcome to check out our two day packages – which give you two full days for rehearsing and decorating!

Can we use Fireworks and Sparklers?

You absolutely can use Sparklers (we ask we just have a bucket of water outside as well as a trash bucket) – but unfortunately, NO FIREWORKS. They are NOT ALLOWED IN CITY LIMITS. You run the risk of a ticket with the police/city and a fine with Market 116.

How do we hang things on the wall?

You can hang anything inside with “Command Hooks” – they make them in clear now and they’ve always hung everything anyone has needed to. NO NAILS, NO TACKS, and NO TAPE on the walls please! Even the tape leaves residue. You will be charged for tack holes/nail holes. Once the damage is done, its ruined for our next guests. YOU are responsible to let everyone know that is helping you decorate.

Do you have on-site dressing rooms?

Yes! Bride and Groom Rooms – the bride room even has a hair stylist chair.

Is there any other rules or things you don’t allow?

Just a few-

No Kegs. Bottled, Canned, or Boxed Only.

No inside drinking games.

No bonfires, or fire starting.

No shelled peanuts, loose confetti, or large amounts of loose glitter please!

There is an extra $150 fee for alcohol weddings because of the additional cleaning it takes after alcohol parties. Sometimes the floor alone has to be mopped an extra 3-6 times after events.