Ranch to Modern Farmhouse

We have started on a BIG Project! We are turning our 1940’s ranch style home in to a modern farmhouse! We couldn’t be more excited. Before I get too far into it, let me give you a little backstory on how we got to this point.

Chad and I purchased this home shortly after we got engaged. It was an out-dated foreclosure but it had 10 acres and wasn’t far from town (which was important, because we have always been individuals who worked long hours).

Believe it or not, from the minute we saw this land, with all of its grown up grass, and large trees…I knew I wanted to get married here, at our home – under the biggest tree in the middle of the property. (I should add, we saw this land and home before we were engaged…and the engagement was a complete surprise! However, from the first few weeks of dating, I knew this guy was different. We really do have a pretty special love story, which I’ll save for another blog 🙂





And a few months later – we did it!

It was a beautiful, hot ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Photo Cred: Live Love Laugh Photography

Chad spent months mowing our field to make it green up and to try to get rid of all the blackberry bushes (most were taller than us).

Anyhow…our land has been dramatically transformed since day one. We now have 7 goats, 3 scottish highlands, and a wedding barn on the back 5 acres! We have put our heart and soul into our businesses – one being rentals. We have spent so much time working on others’ homes but not as much on ours. We did do some cosmetic work of course and made that little ranch house our beloved home.

We grew to love this little house. I say little, only because since opening our businesses and working 1/2 the time from home…our den area became our office area with 2 large L Shaped desks for both Chad and I — everyone is always amazed how well Chad and I can work together on a project…same visions, little bickering, ect….however….we cannot share desks!!! Its too stressful! Our washer and dryer are also located in a teeny tiny nook in our master bedroom, which was totally fine for two people…but add a business where we wash anywhere from 20 to 45 table linens 3x a weekend, with only 6-8 fitting in the washer at once….oh and add a kiddo! Endless laundry! Our personal clothes are always put on the back burner when linens are washing so we get so behind. These linens are so finicky on wrinkles, that when they come out of the dryer, they need to be hung up immediately. So, our 3rd bedroom is a “linen room”. We have pipes across the room and linens hung on them. So our 3 bedroom, 2 bath has shrunk over the years on us!

Our contractors came over to see about adding on. I had determined that we needed a second story to house two more bedrooms and a bathroom (for Beau and his brother coming in November), as well as some movement downstairs to turn a bedroom into a full fledge laundry room where the linens can hang and we can have 2 washers and 2 dryers. Downstairs we would still have an office, nursery, and master bedroom along with living space. Our contractors, DJ McCormack (also known as D-Wayne…actually not sure if he knows that or not, but he does now! haha) and his dad, Duane McCormack (also known by Beau as “mister-mister”) took a good look around and said, “do you cook much? entertain?” We do have people over a lot. They then told me, well…we really need to knock out all these walls and start over. To me, this was unimaginable at first! This was my home! That I loved! However, they were right. I would also get my dream kitchen that I have wanted for oh so long now! I’ve had painted plywood cabinets that don’t shut all the way, spray painted knobs, and dingy linoleum that was there when we moved in. I was really starting to get on board with this open concept and new kitchen idea!

DJ McCormack, has been with us about a year now – he and his dad, Duane, did most all the work inside of Market 116 Venue. It’s no lie that I can be pretty picky when it comes to my businesses and getting the look “just right”. At the barn, I remember Lee, was there installing the gas line. The last time we had talked, Chad told me it would be ran outside and back in…well, plans changed and they ran a copper pipe up the wall…Poor Lee (I was also pregnant with Beau then), I walked in and said, sir, ummm what is that?!!! (with big ol’ tears in my eyes) He looked like a deer in the headlights. He said, well we agreed this was a better solution (function wise, they were right, but oh what an eye sore next to the beautiful fire place!) TEARS CAME! We came to a solution to camoflauge the gas line but those are the little details I see first off. Most people may not. Me…I cannot, I cannot just leave it like that. (not saying Lee doesn’t see the little things, but he wasn’t the contractor, just the poor gas man stuck in the middle…LOL!) Lucky for DJ…he gets my crazy! I’ve never once walked in and said to DJ or Duane, WHAT IS THAT? He understands the little things ARE the big things. And he takes my side on a lot of the design choices that Chad’s not sure about and spends time scraping mud over brand new brick walls that took forever to install…I know that one wasn’t fun for DJ. Especially with me standing on the ground saying things like “okay, little to the left, a little scrapier, feather it out that way to the right with ridiculous arm movements). He’s a patient man. If you’re ever in need of someone to work on your home…I’ll give you his number! Once all our work is done anyways 🙂


I questioned a lot on if it was the right season in our lives to be taking on and making such a huge improvement on our home. We started drawing up our dream home on a grid paper in our dining room. Before I knew it, we had a beautiful, functional layout designed while using the frame of our old ranch that I loved. I’ve always dreamed of a house like this and yes, we have worked really hard to be able to do something like this…but I still felt that ping of guilt, like it was too much to ask for. Then, one night while watching a movie…our roof started leaking right there in the living room. I should also mention, my kitchen light stopped working a couple months ago, my bathroom hand towel fixture keeps falling off the wall, we never got around to plumbing a showered in our bathroom so its just a tub instead of a shower, the smaller bedrooms have homemade doors and they don’t latch shut, we are out of storage, we can’t run the printer at night or nap time (which is when I work uninterrupted) because its next to Beau’s bedroom, our basement leaks, oh and our AC quit! This was enough for this pregnant lady! I decided then and there to let the guilt go. We have worked really hard and put our home to the back burner while building and growing our businesses from scratch. It was time. Here are a couple pre-demo photos!

My Sweet Little Ranch Home

The original part of our home was actually from about the left side of the porch to just between the two windows on the right side. We recently found out it was a little motel/cabin that used to be located behind where Bullseye (in Buffalo) now is! Crazy huh? It was moved to this property sometime in the 60’s I believe. The garage from where that skinny tall tree is, over to the right, was added on and then was again changed later into what now is the mater bedroom. The master bedroom will be staying where it is, but we are bumping out the front wall to make the house more of a rectangle shape, rather than off centered. DJ and Duane helped us perfect the floor plan, offering some great suggestions on layout upstairs where the new dormers would be. I can’t be any more excited about this! Our neighbor’s family owned this home for several years so I’m sure its going to be quite a change to drive by and see. We hope to preserve some of the original elements in the home to use as accents walls or in other areas of the house.

We had lots of foot traffic helping us move stuff in muddy conditions…I promise my house is not normally this messy! Did I mention we had to move out for this remodel?! We currently live in our toy-hauler camper! Luckily, it’s roomy-ish for a camper and we will take it a couple places during the remodel to make it feel a little less like living in a camper!

Demo Days

DJ McCormack, perched on the roof waiting for the trucks coming in.

Beau was a little upset about the tree in the landscaping…it got demolished!

They found a hand poured septic system out front that we didn’t even know about! Chad and his brother Shawn, got the privilege of pumping it out. ha!

Porch Removals Complete!

The guys are definitely trucking along already but since we are on a little timeline (Baby Dak is scheduled to be here the 2nd week of November) the Sutton gang (they built the barn) will join DJ, Duane, Shawn Bryan, and Dylan Mountain here in a couple weeks so be prepared to see some major changes!

FIRST WALL GOES UP! 2 car garage!!! I’ve never had a garage! So excited!

Beau approves.

Inside Demo Begins at the same time the garage is being done! (June 5-10)

Somethings we have uncovered so far have been some pretty sweet old linoleum…

And Mold. I’m not surprised being as old as a house as it is. I’m glad we are able to do this and make our home mold free! We also found that the outside wall (where Baby Dak’s room would have been) that there was no insulation left at all in that wall. We will be doing spray foam this time around! Oh and another thing we found was that our chimney had a opening for an old wood stove that was not capped off! It was wide open behind the wall!! This explains a lot of our chimney problems!

More Demo photos from this week (June 5-10)

Master Bedroom!

DJ sends me the photo below and says, Skylight? Sure no problem!  LOL! This may scare most people but I am EXCITED! We are vaulting the ceilings in our Master Bedroom and it’s going to be oh-so-dreamy! Annnnnd I’m getting my own walk in closet with a makeup desk!

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